The Biggest Waves Ever Surfed

10. Waimea Bay, Hawaii

Greg Noll became famous in 1957 for surfing huge waves at Wiamea

9. Jaws, Hawaii

This would be basically impossible and extremely dangerous without the aid of a jetski. Well done Mike Parson!

8. Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Check out Ken “skindog” Collins on this sandy bottom wave that won Billabong’s big wave Ride of the Year award in 2012.

7. Cortes Bank, California

Cortes Bank is a very shallow chain of underwater mountains. These reef-like mountains are as tall as 1/2 a mile and some reach 3 to 6 feet from the water’s surface. (Toptenz) Mike Parsons does it in style!

6. Teahupoo

Manoa rides this huge wave on his backside. Some serious talent going on there!

5. Waimea Bay, Hawaii

Shane Dorian & Mark Healey paddle into this massive wave.

4. Teahupoo

Shane Dorian wears a life vest for this massive break. With the ocean crashing over him and a sharp reaf below, a fall would be almost certain death.

3. Eddie Aikau Contest

Bruce Iron’s massive ride!

2. Mavericks, Northern California

“On December 23, 1994 big wave legend Mark Foo drowned to death after wiping out on a 18-20 foot wave (Hawaiian size). Mavericks is located in Northern California where the water is near freezing and very, very, sharky. Mark had caught an overnight flight from Hawaii to catch the massive swell. Some believe the cold water played a factor in his death. The body was soon cremated and on December 30th over 800 people celebrated his life at Waimea Bay, Hawaii. His ashes were placed in the water.”

1. Teahupoo

Arguably the best surfer in the world. Laird Hamilton makes a death defying drop on the world largest wave by volume. Amazing!


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