Top 10 Ways to Stop Your Luggage from Getting Lost by the Airline

So, it’s time for a little vacation eh?

A time where all your stresses simply melt away… time to relax by the pool with a fgirlie drink in hand…enjoy the fresh ocean air…that is until you find out that the airline has lost your luggage!

There is nothing worse than getting to the baggage claim and finding out that there is nothing there for you to claim. The airline is oblivious, and you are left with nothing but the smelling airplane clothes that you have on your back.

Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here are 10 ways to avoid having your luggage lost by the airline.
1. Get to the airport on time – When you arrive late, you inadvertently force the airline to rush getting your bags through security and on to the plane. This is one of the most common reasons for a mistake and mishandling with baggage. So follow the rules, and arrive with at least a few minutes to spare.

2. Know the airline – Go online and check out traveler reviews of the airline. See if there are continual complaints about lost luggage. There are even sites you can visit that will give you the percentage of total lost luggage stats. Doing your research is always key.

3. Use approved locks – If you are determined to lock up your luggage, then be sure to use airline approved locks. Airline security has a master key for all of these locks and will not be forced to cut them. This helps move your luggage through security faster and reduces the risk of loss.

4. Get a colored bag that stands out– If your bag looks like all the others, then it is easy to see how it may be mistaken by a weary traveler. Often the luggage has arrived, but another traveler mistakes it for their own. Get a back that is unique and you can be sure no one will take off with it by accident.

5. Add a dangly to your bag – By using a colored key chain, or brightly colored ribbon you can also help your bag stand out and help it look unique from the others. This is especially important if you have that generic black luggage that is indicative of the travel industry.

6. Keep the baggage claim tag – When you check in, your airline will give you a baggage claim tag. DO NOT LOSE IT! This can help expidite the process of finding a missing bag.

7. Don’t leave valuables in your checked bags – I is an unfortunate truth, but some bags are stolen by dishonest baggage handlers in the airport. This is especially true whne you travel through poorer countries. Limit your valuables and make your luggage less appealing to thieves.

8. Keep your bag clean and ordered – If the luggage is flagged by security for suspicious looking material, it may be delayed for days before it finally arrives at your destination. A clean and ordered bag will show up nicely on an X-ray machine and reduce your risk of loss.

9. Keep a copy of your final destination in your checked bag – This will alert the baggage handlers as to where to send your bag once it is found.

10. Don’t check any luggage – If you can, pack everything into your carry on, and take the fate of your luggage into your own hands.


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